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The RAMC Benevolence Committee is a sub Committee of The RAMC Charity (charity no: 1129091).  The RAMC Charity is a Company Limited by guarantee and its income is derived from Pay Roll Giving and donations only.  Benevolence is allocated an annual sum of money by the Charity and it is used to deliver benevolence to those in need serving and retired, and in many cases their dependants also. The following guide is to assist those who wish to apply for benevolence or want to advise those who are in need of benevolence.  Please note that cases cannot be handled directly and, in all instances, must first go through a SSAFA Caseworker or the Officers Association.

Contact details for SSAFA and all partner organisations can be found on the leaflet.

Printed copies of the Benevolence leaflet are available.  To request a copy, please call the Benevolence Manager on 01276 41 2791..


If you have served for 7 days in the RAMC (Soldiers must have completed Phase 1 Training) you are eligible to apply. Benevolence may also be considered for those who are financially dependant upon you. You are eligible if you are an Officer or Soldier, Serving or Retired, Regular and Reserve.

Application Process

All cases must come to RAMC Benevolence via the local SSAFA Caseworker, this applies to serving and retired personnel. Officers should approach the Officers Association in the first instance and they will be advised individually. Benevolence committees are unable to consider any direct requests from individuals, welfare officers etc. If a serving individual has a temporary cash flow problem or encounters a difficulty his Unit Chain of Command should assist as this is not a benevolence matter. Long term cases in need are more complex and may require intervention and referral to other organisations.

There are SSAFA Caseworkers in every part of the country and a contact number should be held in the Unit or HQ. They can also be found in many civilian organisations and a number is listed at the end of this page. A SSAFA Caseworker will be allocated and will visit you at your convenience to discuss your case. They will need to take some detailed information from you in order to assess how you can best be helped. This will include financial information, housing and family circumstances which they will enter onto a Form A (this document is key and without it we are unable to proceed). It is most important that you provide as much detail as possible however difficult, as the end result is to provide you with as much assistance as possible in order for you to continue looking after yourself and your family independently. This information is confidential (it will not be shared with your Chain of Command under any circumstances) and when completed it is passed to the organisation that will deal with it, this could be the Royal British Legion (TRBL) the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) or the Corps Charity ie RAMC Benevolence.

On receipt a case file is set up and a case report completed by the Benevolence Manager. This can be done within 24 hours provided all the information is provided which is why the detail given to the Caseworker is vital. The case is then placed before the committee, a mix of serving and retired officers and soldiers, and the committee meet every month. A decision is made that day and if benevolence is agreed a cheque will be in the post to the Caseworker within the week. This can only be used for the specific purpose of the request and will not be made payable to an individual. It may also mean that the case is passed to other organisations that will help also.

If mobility equipment is required then it will be necessary in all cases to have a full Occupational Therapy assessment and supporting report. This is to ensure that the correct piece of equipment designed to meet your specific needs is purchased.

The committee works to a guide criteria which is flexible but it does not include the repayment of any sort of debt nor can it provide loans.

Useful Contacts:

For Welfare Officers and Chain of Command who require more detailed information:
Mrs Emma Tatman Benevolence Manager Tel: 01276 41 2791
Email : amsbenevolence@ramc.org.uk

SSAFA Central Contact



Tel: 0207 403 8783

Email: info@ssafa.org.uk

TRBL Central Contact

Royal British Legion logo


Tel: 0808 802 8080

Officers Association



Tel: 020 7808 4160

Case Two

A former National Serviceman diagnosed with a severe respiratory condition and cardiac problems was provided with a Riser Recliner Chair in order to improve his quality of life.

Case Three

A Serving Senior NCO whose wife suffers from a debilitating condition which has affected her sleeping was recommended a specialist bed , not available through the NHS. The bed was purchased for her and her condition has been eased considerably.

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RAMC Benevolence Guide

Case One

A wife of a senior serving soldier with 20 years service found herself in difficulty when her marriage ended and effectively made homeless. In order to assist her get back on her feet in civilian life the RAMC paid for her removal costs to a property she had managed to rent. We also assisted with the provision of a washing machine and cooker. The lady was able to secure employment and is now more settled.