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The RAMC Association Website is an important vehicle for not just communicating within and around the Association and its Members but to inform, educate and entertain everybody, the world at large, on the RAMC’s contribution to Army life, to its Members, former Members, families and friends. It is there to do this for Regular and Reserve in equal measure.
So this website is now in a process of revision and re-emphasis on the core reasons for the RAMC Association’s existence:

  • Maintaining contact
  • Fostering esprit de corps and comradeship
  • Protecting and preserving customs, deeds, traditions and heritage
  • Informing on history and role
  • Commemoration and remembrance of those who died on active service
  • Assistance in access to welfare and relief for those in need

We are a social organization that encourages interaction around our wider family. If you are already a Member please use the site as a resource. If you are seeking information about the RAMC, its Charity and us read on. If you wish to join us through one of our local Branches there is a web page to help you do that.

Thank you for landing on this page.

Chairman RAMC Association
Brigadier Alistair Macmillan DL

The RAMC Association

William Boog LeishmanIn 1925, the RAMC Association was formed to further the camaraderie of WW1 Corps veterans with Sir William Leishman being the first President. There are now some 28 branches around UK with a predominantly veteran membership although most serving Corps members also are members centrally. The Association has traditionally been supported by Corps Funds and especially for the expenses of the branch standards and standard bearers.